Sunday, July 14, 2013

Defcon to feds: 'We need some time apart' |

In the wake of revelations about the NSA's PRISM program, Defcon's founder asks federal government employees to skip this year's hacker convention.

(Credit: Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET)

The federal government is persona non grata at this year's Defcon.
For the first time in the 21-year history of the famed hacker's convention, government employees are being asked to stay away, albeit in a polite fashion.
Defcon founder Jeff Moss, aka The Dark Tangent, posted the following request late Wednesday on the event's site:

Malware In Your Car - How Hackers Kill You |

While we may not be headed for a dystopian era where our automobiles are our overlords, forcing us to do their bidding or they'll crush us to death with their mega-ton bodies. It sort of sounds like a transformers meets Armageddon situation. While this scenario is very far-fetched and improbable, there are some equally terrifying things that people have and can do remotely to your car.
Researchers at the University of California recently exposed flaws in a car's braking system. They were able to hack in and manipulate the car while it was in motion. They were able to selectively brake the wheels, which allowed them to steer the car. Just to add even more fear and nail-biting suspense to the car hacks, it was noted that none of the driver's manual commands had any impact on the vehicle. This means that no matter how hard they slammed on the brakes, steered the wheel, or even tried to unlock the door, the car was an uncontrollable death trap.