Wednesday, March 20, 2013

BlackBerry BB10 fails government security test | SC Magazine

The UK government has rejected the BB10 software, calling it not secure enough for essential work.

BlackBerry BB10 fails government security testAccording to a report by the Guardian, the operating system on the new Z10device has been rejected after BlackBerry version 7.1 was cleared by the UK's Communications Electronics Security Group (CESG) for classifications up to ‘Restricted' – two levels below ‘Secret'. A survey by Trend Micro deemed that the BlackBerry 7.0 was named most secure mobile OS for enterprises.

However tests on BB10 and the BlackBerry Balance software have failed the same security requirements and BlackBerry could not offer a date when revised software would be submitted.

A BlackBerry statement said: “We have a long-established relationship with CESG and we remain the only mobile solution approved for use at 'Restricted' when configured in accordance with CESG guidelines. This level of approval only comes following a process which is rigorous and absolutely necessary given the highly confidential nature of the communications being transmitted.

South Korea Television and Banks Hacked; Fingers Pointed at North Korea | HORforSecurity

Several broadcasters and banks in South Korea were hacked in one of the country’s largest cyber-attacks, and fingers are once again pointed at neighbors to the north, according to The Guardian.

The computer networks of KBS, MBC and YTN, and those of the Shinhan and Nonghyup banks were targeted in a simultaneous cyber-attack, which is still under investigation. While television networks were not seriously affected by the breach, ATMs and mobile banking in the South are still recovering.

Speculations are rising that North Korea could be responsible for the attack, with hacking collective “WhoisTeam” in “charge” of the assault. The group claimed this was only the beginning of a “movement,” and showed images of skulls on computer screens they managed to control.

South Korean organizations under cyber attack | Help Net Security

A suspected cyber attack has paralyzed computer networks at three broadcasting organisations and two banks in South Korea. The organizations' networks had been "partially or entirely crippled", with some banking services including ATM machines also affected.

The cause of the problems remains unknown, and South Korean authorities are "now trying to determine the cause of the network paralysis". While no government-related computer networks had been affected, officials stated it was not yet known whether North Korea was involved, but "We do not rule out the possibility of North Korea being involved," said South Korean Defence Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok.